Extend-a-Stay Propane Kits

Extend-a-Stay Propane Kits

Extend A Stay Propane Kits

Extend a Stay propane kit from Marshall Excelsior

Marshall Excelsior Extend A Stay Adapter Hose Kits. Extension or replacement hose for extend a flow system. portable L.P appliances brass Hose With fitting Extend A Stay.

  • MER470 Flow-Longer Propane Kit Includes
  • MER471 Flow-Longer Plus Propane Kit Includes
  • MER472 Stay-Longer Propane Kit Includes
  • MER473 Stay-Longer Plus Propane Kit Includes

The Flow-Longer Propane Kits are designed to connect small portable appliances, normally fueled by disposable LP-Gas cylinders to the existing LP-Gas fuel of a recreational vehicle without interrupting the of regulated fuel to the system. Flow-Longer eliminates the need to purchase an extra LPGas cylinder or several small, disposable type cylinders.

The Stay-Longer Propane Kits are designed to give you new fl exibility on how you use your LP-Gas. You can stay longer by hooking up auxiliary LP-Gas cylinders, or you can tap into the recreational vehicle&rsquo,s LP-Gas system to fuel portable high-pressure appliances.